Schrodin Sennachie Bailee. S.S.B

Born and raised within a secluded locality in the country of Jamaica. Schrodin listens to the folklore of their elders. And the books their older sister reads in earnest. Fascinated by the words, which was both read and heard, sparks the urge to compose stories of their own.
Schrodin’s first pursuit was of the romance genre. And to obtain insight, seduce their love companions. Which turns into a form of art that broadens with the skill to draft different genres. The development to a writer starts at the age of ten; And with the guidance of an English teacher, who said…

“When you write, I want to hear what the characters hear. I want to feel it. Heck, I even want to taste and smell it!”

Gave that one push which brought the imagery from the mind with a pencil. (Easier to erase and rewrite, and waste less paper…) And, now fingers to keyboard.

The talented storyteller/ Author, Schrodin Sennachie Bailee; brings immersive stories to anyone who indulges in the world of fantasy and literary arts.