“¡Nunca! ¡Nunca!” Asteria sings while clapping her hands. Ecstatic and filled with joy as her Nana turns the page to read once more.

 In a few months, Asteria walks. Her growth didn’t transmute to her height, unlike the child’s unruly hair that seems to become a forestry. Enough to embrace her small body twice over. Full of curls and wavy with a strong black color. It leads to her feet and when she walks the tips brush against the floor. While the long lashes close her eyes, below those furry eyebrows.

 Ring Ring Ring

 Nana’s phone rings aloud, disturbing little Asteria’s joyful playtime. She grabs it from her bosom, as the device almost fumbles through her fingers. “Tsk… Ay Dios Mios!” she yells in aggravation. And before she flips it up to answer, a small yet energetic voice shouts her name. “Nana, Abuela Aaaaaaaa!” Asteria shouts aloud with both arms open wide stretches toward her grandmother.

 “Una momento por favor mi Corazón…” She signals that she’s on a call. Asteria pouts once more, and sits, resting her head upon the chair.

 “Hola, Adelita speaking,” she answers with a chuckle from Asteria’s actions.